Our Traditions

Where it all began!

My name is Travis Seymore and this is my adventure! Food has always been a staple if not the main focal point in my Seymore/Fiore family traditions, whether it be family dinners, birthday parties, or holiday gatherings. My mother Marilyn Seymore, describes her special childhood memories building on the traditions of attending family dinners and gatherings with her grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and cousins. Along with my generation of cousins, I recall fond memories as a little boy sharing togetherness at family meals and social gatherings at my grandparent’s homestead. As I became older, I realized that my mother and father maintained the established tradition by sharing the same kindred values that food brings family and friends together. My family lineage continues to grow as the new generation of children are born, being raised and beginning to flourish with the same traditions. The Seymore/Fiore family at Alto Markets will continue to carry on the special family receptions, get-togethers, and events most notably through delicious dinner events. Food preparation, cooking, socializing and gathering in the kitchen still exists today. Whether you are a child, an adolescent, a young adult, or a senior, you will be found in the kitchen sharing bonding time. At Alto Markets, I will share my time-honored tradition with your family.

Travis Seymore

Welcome to Alto Markets!

At Alto Markets you are Family! We pride ourselves in taking the “family” flavor and sharing our Family Favorite foods with YOU! Travis and his family would definitely agree that their family’s homemade meatballs, sausage, and Sicilian rolls (baked layers of meat, cheese, and peppers in dough) are among their favorite foods. These foods are usually eaten at holiday meals and other family gatherings along with their homemade pastas, such as gnocchi and ravioli. Alto Markets provides a family friendly, relaxed atmosphere with a caring, personal touch. Alto Markets feels that this personal touch is what our clients are looking for when purchasing food for their families. People appreciate the local flavor, variety of homemade recipes and the content feeling of having a specialty store like Alto Markets in a convenient location. Quality, freshness, and taste will be our priority. Alto Markets provides fresh grown produce and fresh breads, along with a large assortment of items including deli meats and cheeses to side dishes and salads, but most of all, the quality comes in every bite with a caring personal touch.

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