Jeff’s Bodega Deli

Jeff’s Bodega Deli has some of the best meats and cheeses available to select from as well as fresh salads and sandwiches. Sliced deli favorites with a slice of provolone or swiss can satisfy any hungry stomach. Ask our deli specialists about the wide variety of meats to make your hoagies or let us help with that. We have a wide variety of deli meats — Come hungry!

Deli Meats
Hot Capicolla, Sweet Capicolla, Genoa Salami, HardSalami, Prosciutto de parma, Virginia Ham, House Ham, Chopped Ham, Turkey, Mortadella Triste, Mortadella w/ pistachio, Pepperoni, Hot Sopperatta, Sweet Sopperatta, Corned Beef, Pastrami, Roast Beef, Oven Roast Chicken Breast, Buffalo Chicken Breast, Jumbo Bologna, Cooked Ham, Roast Beef
Deli Meats are Boar’s Head brand excluding the specialty Italian meats

Deli Sliced Cheese
Sharp Cheddar, Mild Cheddar, Fontina, Pepper Jack, Colby, Black Wax Parmesan, Provolone, Aged Provolone, Wheel Romano, Baby Square Slicer Swiss, Jarlsburg Swiss, Pepperoni Cheese, Asiago, Italian 4 cheese Blend, American, Block Mozzarella, Ricotta Salata

Pasta, Potato (Italian, Country Garden, Regular), Antipasta, Balsamic Grilled Chicken, Caprese, Greens, Cole Slaw, Mediterranean Olive Salad, Macaroni salad (country garden, regular)

Soups (daily)
Wedding, Chili, Soup of the day/week?

Sandwiches/Subs (daily)
Italian (House Ham, Pepperoni, Salami, Provolone choice of toppings on Italian roll), Ham and cheese (House Ham, Provolone, choice of toppings), Roast Beef and Provolone, Dagwood (House Ham, Turkey, Roast Beef, Provolone, choice of toppings), Alto’s Meatball (Meatball, Sauce, Sprinkle Cheese, House made Fried Peppers), Alto’s Sausage (choose either in sauce or pepper and onions), Turkey (Boar’s Head Tuscan Turkey, Boar’s Head Swiss, lettuce, tomato and mayo), Alto Chipped Pork (Slow-Roasted seasoned with Tass’s only BBQ Seasoning and marinated with Tass’s only Carolina Sauce, topped with provolone, Tass’s Fennel Pollen Coleslaw), Tuna Salad (House-made Tuna with Lettuce, Tomato and choice of cheese), Cheese (provolone, mozzarella, bruschetta cheese, lettuce, tomato, roasted red peppers), Chipped Kielbasa (sauerkraut, Boar’s Head Swiss, Boar’s Head Chipotle Gourmaise Sauce)

Keep an eye out for our Specialty Subs and Sandwiches – Coming Soon!
Lobster Roll, Crab Cake, Shrimp/fish Taco with mango or pineapple salsa topping, Lettuce wraps (seafoods and salsas wrapped in Romaine lettuce), BBQ from the pit, Meatloaf sandwiches, Chicken Ceaser sandwich/wrap, Chicken Parm, Alto’s Cuban (Pulled Pork from the Pit, House Ham, Dill Pickels, Swiss Cheese, Dijon Mustard on Toasted Cuban Rolls), Alto’s Italian (Pepperoni, Salami, Cappicola, Fresh Mozzarella, Roma Tomato, fresh Basil and Oregano, Romaine Lettuce on Toasted Garlic Bread roll sprinkled with Tass’s Only Balsamic Vinaigrette) Steak, Classic BLT, Choose your meats/cheeses/toppings (fresh sliced daily), Buffalo Chicken Sandwich with pepper jack cheese, Pizza Steak, Devonshire/ Hot Brown (Turkey, Bacon, Mornay Sauce, Tomato on toasted roll), Balsamic Marinated Chicken Breast (provolone, choice of toppings), Muffaletta Sandwich (Salami, House Ham, Mortadella, Provolone, Swiss, Olive Salad on Muffaletta Loaf)

Other Deli Items
Fresh Mozzerella, Bruatta, Black Olives, Green Olives, Seasoned Olives

Our deli menu is always growing, please check back for additions.

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