Leo and Leonard’s Hardware

Looking for an off the wall kitchen utensil used to make specialty foods? We have a variety of unique helpful kitchen gadgets to compliment your own Cucina. Are you in search of a decorative serving platter or quality cheese board? Look no further, we have it all from spoons to spatulas and then some.

Canoli Rollers, Cavatelli Machine, Cavarola Board, Cutting Boards,Fish Boards, Pasta Machine, Pizzelle Maker, Ravioli Molds, Knives, Pots, Pans, Pasta Racks, Pizza Cutters, Cheese Boards, Cheese Cutters, Rolling Pins, Fusilli Irons (Christmas Noodles), Bottene Pasta Machine Torchio Bigolaro #6, Pizza Stone, Cook Books

Our hardware selection is always growing, please check back for additions.

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